Sunday, September 13, 2009

Studio II - Uninstructed workshop

I drew at Studio II in Culver City this morning. One Sunday a month the session is 4 hours instead of 3 with an extra hour of gesture drawing. Today was that day!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a 30 minute pose although I think I drew for about 20 minutes because I was blowing my nose and coughing a lot because I have the flu.

These next poses are 20 minutes poses complete with coughing and nose blowing.

I tried to work on some of the stuff Glenn was talking about yesterday in class. Below are 2 minutes poses just like yesterdays in Glenn's class. I feel like they are better than yesterday's drawings. I worked smaller and used marker instead of conte. What I can't seem to do is not connect my lines. Glenn moves from one side of the figure to the other and doesn't connect his lines (I think it's part of his point to point process). I get lost when I do that. I tried to use less straights today and not worry about proportion. I'm still drawing the contour line instead of the action line. Oh well! I just learned about that yesterday so I will probably not be able to do it for a long time.

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