Friday, October 16, 2009

Glenn Vilppu's Class - Gestures - Pontormo

Glenn talked about Pontorm today in class. Pontormo was a fanatic draftsman. Andrea del Sarto was his teacher. Pontormo was apprenticed to Da Vinci for awhile. Del Sarto was a family man. Pontormo was credited with doing the first psychological drawings. He emphasized controlling the values and tones. His drawings are abstract but have a tonal sense of realism. They are not dark paintings and glow with color. He did a lot of work for the Medici. Michaelangelo did drawings that Pontormo painted. He used distortion and proportion to manipulate feeling. He was a expressive approacj to drawing that is real but strange.

1. He starts out loose and rough and built drawings up from that. Focuses on gesture with Dark Chalk - Graphite Underneath.

2. Big Button eyes are the Hallmark of Pontormo

3. He balances ecentric vs. realistic

4. He controls tones.

Going Through a Pontormo Drawing

- Simple Volumes
- Draw Fragments as if you can see the whole thing
- Use Drapery to Shoe volume
- One form fits into another
- Drawing Corners
- Pushing Contrasts - Designing
- The tone creates the realism


We didn't draw too much in Saturday morning class because the model didn't show up until very late. Glenn did a demo.

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