Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ophelia - the Drawing Club

I went to The Drawing Club on Sunday for the three hour Preraphaelite pose. I did some thumbnails and decided to make the composition vertical.
After I finished the oil pastel drawing I thought it would have been better if I had her getting in the water to kill herself and I recomposed in watercolor. In the final drawing there is just green grass (you can see it below). But I didn't think of it until the end. She really became Ophelia for me by the end that's why I remembered clearly the scene where she drowns herself.

This is my long oil pastel drawing perhaps 2 hours of drawing here. I didn't have too many colors. I borrowed a pink soft pastel from Linda Bull because my set didn't have any. I like how the composition came out. I think I draw better if I have something thick in my hand. I can't explain why. Maybe I get lost in the details when I have something with a point. Her face is very white. I didn't really have anything to use as flesh tones but I think it's ok. I changed the couch into the log.

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