Sunday, July 18, 2010


This is the labyrinth I've been working on in my digital environments class. This is the Exterior of the Sultan's city that appears as labyrinth. Baron Munchhausen is held captive by the Pasha (the Sultan) but bets he can send his runner (Berthold) to get some Tokay(a very sweet wine) in an hour from Vienna and it will be better wine than the Sultan's. If he loses the wager we will lose his head if he wins he can take as much gold as he can carry and have his freedom. I have set it up the climax of the story as Berthold must navigate the maze of the Sultan's city as the last seconds of the hour count down and the sen has set.

But for me, secretly, this is the city Sarbug in my story Hymn of the Pearl. A labyrinth where the prostitute Kama lives.

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