Monday, August 2, 2010

From Life Drawing to Cartooning

I'm taking a class at LAAFA called from Life Drawing to cartooning we do a lot of copies from cartoons and Loomis to figure out how to make cartoons. The teacher is Rad Seachrist. He's good. He does demos and walks around the room and sees what everyone is doing. He has a lot of good handouts.

Rad did a demo for me about turning the head.
These are some copies I did.
These are more copies.

These are copies from Loomis.

These are some of my notes from Rad's demo on arms this week.

These are some copies I did and tried to take the approach in designing my own character Kama from my story Hymn of the Pearl.

Here are some more designs I worked on for Kama based on some characters Rad gave us.

More comic copies.

A demo from Rad about how to make my character more believable.

Me starting a turnaround for my character Kama.

More copies.

Torso copies from Loomis

Me working on Kama based on Disney character from El Dorado.

Me trying to break a turnaround into basic shapes.

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