Sunday, May 6, 2012

Whitney Park - Karl Dempwolf Class 2

Painted at Whitney Park on Saturday.

"Located in the City of Santa Clarita near the offramp of the 14 Freeway and San Fernando Road, the beautiful 442-acre Whitney Canyon Park in the Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor provides outstanding examples of coastal sage scrub, oak woodland, chaparral and riparian corridor vegetation, with year-round springs and at least ten sensitive species. Besides its importance for wildlife movement in a critical corridor between the Santa Susana Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains, Whitney Canyon provides a regionally significant entrance into the Angeles National Forest."

Really struggling painting. Not sure what I am supposed to do. Karl said my first painting reminded him of Thomas Benton.  Feel like I am painting with my feet.  Not sure how to mix all the different greens. Not sure how to use the oil paint.


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