Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sanathana Yoga Class with Abhiram - Fort Cochin

Fort Cochin was sort of filled with tacky tourists.  My favorite activity was taking a yoga class with Abraham not far from the hotel.  He had a really interesting hippie yoga studio.  He told me he teaches sometimes at the University of La Verne.

He did a lot of breathing and singing.  He was upset that I found  him in a guide book he said he didn't want just anyone coming to him school.

 "Sanathana"- a sanskrit word meaning eternal - there is no beginning and no end. The whole Indian philosphy is based on "Sanathana Darmas" - eternal righteousness. Sanathana global school of Yoga studies, practises a blend hatha and raja yoga. Asanas and Pranayamas - meditations and Bhajans.
The school's founder Abhiram Chaithanya has spent 25 years developing simple and effective techniques for mental and physical balance. While you breath watching Prana - life force, vital energy. The yoga practices are designed to bring you closer to an understanding of the universal truth - 'The Brahma'. As the practices bring you closer to self realization, you come to a deeper understanding that you are part of that totality. This truth helps you to realize that all beings around you are one with you. Then you feel love and peace for all beings.In this state there is no nationality, religion, cast or creed. So that's why sanathana global family believes yoga is the only answer to the world's increasing problems.



  1. Hi Nya,
    I practised yoga with Abraham back in 2007 after stumbling across his yoga studio. It was the beginning of my yoga journey. I am hoping to return later this year. Do you have any contact details for Abraham by chance?

  2. Hi Nya,
    I was delighted to read your blog! Abraham was a great inspiration to my life as a Yogini. I practiced with him in 2010. I thought he moved to Bangalore and it's great to hear that he is still around in Kochi. If you happen to have his contact details (apparently his old email address does not work anymore), I would be incredibly happy if you could provide me with them!

    Thank you & Blessed be!


Thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.