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Yuan Miao

According to her Website Yuan Miao

"Yuan Miao grew up in Mainland China during the Cultural Revolution. She had two very different lives - a public life, dominated by worldly pursuits, and a private spiritual life, filled with mystery, wisdom and compassion.
In her private life, she was trained from infancy by her enlightened Tibetan grandmother whose father was a high Tibetan Rinpoche. Grandma, whose name was Yeshe Tsuomu, meaning “ocean of wisdom”, taught Miao the power of mantra. Since her birth she heard Grandma singing all the time. But she didn’t know that Grandma was singing mantras. She only thought her grandmother liked to sing. Later she realized that while singing mantras Grandma was transmitting her precious lineage to her.
Grandma’s husband was a Zen Master, who due to Grandma’s influence, became interested in Vajrayana Buddhism. By 1949, her grandparents had become the center of spiritual life in their community, and had acquired many followers.
When asked in an interview whom she considered her masters, Miao replied, “My first master was my Grandmother, and then came everyone who gave me guidance, whether intentionally or not.” In 1989, while calmly asleep, Grandma entered Nirvana, at the age of 99.
This is Miao’s lineage.
In her public life, Miao achieved great material success as a director of television documentaries. Her shows on environmental and cultural issues ran in prime time on CCTV, the most prestigious channel in China. With that success came fame, a handsome husband and an affluent lifestyle. Most precious of all was her lovely daughter – the arrival of whom made her life wonderful and deeply rich.
Miao’s spiritual background was catapulted into the forefront when her beloved daughter died of leukemia at age nine, and she was plunged into the deepest despair.
Suddenly, all the worldly gifts that she had received could not shield her from the worst kind of suffering imaginable; a mother’s loss of her only child. Miao’s life was shaken to its foundation. She lost her faith, her hope and even her desire to live. After several failed attempts at suicide, her strong spiritual background revealed itself, and showed her the way to transform suffering into joy. She discovered the meaning of life; that the spiritual path is not a refuge, but a form of service to others.
In her passage through despair, forged in the fire of her intense suffering, Miao awakened to a deep and profound joy that beckoned to be shared. And she received a wonderful gift – the ability to share that infinite joy with others through her voice.
Shortly thereafter, leaving everything behind, she traveled from China to the West to begin the work of creating the New Century Foundation. She devotes her life to sharing joy and peace through spiritual cultivation and balanced living.
Singer, dancer, artist and author, Miao does not consider herself to be a spiritual teacher but rather a transmitter of joy. Although her spiritual roots are in Vajrayana Buddhism, Miao’s approach is not Tibetan Buddhist. She imparts a universal wisdom that embraces people of all faiths, as well as those who consider themselves non- religious.
She shares this knowledge freely and without judgment. "

I attended a two day workshop with Yuan Miao at LMU.  The first day we were in a room at the top floor of the library.

When Yuan Miao looked at the group gathered for her Phoenix Rising class she said .."it seems like we have met many times before."

She gave a man a mantra

Om Namo Maitreya

This mantra is from the happy Buddha

According to Wikipedia:  "Maitreya is a bodhisattva who in the Buddhist tradition is to appear on Earth, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma. According to scriptures, Maitreya will be a successor of the historic Śākyamuni Buddha. The prophecy of the arrival of Maitreya refers to a time when the Dharma will have been forgotten by most on Jambudvipa. It is found in the canonical literature of all major Buddhist schools (Theravāda, Mahāyāna, Vajrayāna), and is accepted by most Buddhists as a statement about an event that will take place when the Dharma will have been mostly forgotten on Earth."

This man asked her a path to happiness, enlightenment, self realization, how to stop inner chatter in the mind and she said - your question is silly, too clever

If I told you to do more yoga - you would say - I do yoga all the time.

If I told you to meditate more - you would say -  I meditate several times a day

If I told you to go on retreat  - you would say - I just did one

If I told you to pray - you would say - I pray always

So I tell you to have an adventure.


She talked about turtle energy.  Slow Down. Slow Down.

Her mantras around the room read

Simple Mind
Loving Heart
Smart Body

She talked about the higher wisdom of emptiness.  Mindfulness Still has the Mind.  The Goal is emptiness.  Make a great vow.  A great vow has a great vibration.  At different times you have different vows.

The vow has the fingerprint of the divine.

The problem is people make a vow and forget it and then make another vow.

Do the mala to remind you of your vow.

There is a life after life mala.  There is a samsara mala.

All great masters are a little crazy.  You can't always keep your current lifestyle when you make a vow.  The Buddha quit his job as a king - he abandoned his wife and son.

She again said "Do something adventurous"

She said "I am a loser. I have lost everything."  Sometimes you have to burn like the phoenix.  There is hidden treasure under the ashes.

Ask yourself what is the purpose of this lifetime.

Vajra Vow, Vajra Pride

According to the Buddha Brats website:
Vajra Pride – “Indestructible pride”.
The state of knowing that one reaches through direct understanding and realization of the Teachings and the confidence that arises from this knowledge.
This state is typified by true impeccability and the fact that one no longer needs to justify anything, fully trusting that one is in absolute synchronicity with Awareness.
It is only really possible to understand this state of knowing once one is enlightened.

Vajra Pride with health according to Yuan Miao
- you believe you are healthy
- you have an unbroken energy like water
- without this vajra pride no medicine is strong enough

We learned how to do a prostration.  She told us not to be elegant.  Move with a free spirit.  There is a Buddha inside of all of us.  If we have Buddha nature why do we always judge ourselves?  Have a simple mind.  Do a no drama yoga.  Have a loving heart.  Do a no illusion yoga.  Focus and contemplate.

When we get sick our inner feng shui is not right.  Do a joyful yoga for a smart body.

Life System/Tree

trunk is the central channel from top of the head to the root chakra.  The seven chakras hang on the life trunk. 

Qi meridian is white or has no color.  It is transparent, floating.  It is feng, duality, education.  Here 1 + 1 always equals 2.

Essence meridian is always blue like Krishna, Shiva, the blue Buddha.  It is higher consciousness. Mind - divine.

The blood meridian is water, fluids.  It is the color red.  It is the DNA. It carries consciousness codes.  It is Shui.  It is the subconscious.

Two meridians are Feng and Shui.  The two dragons. Wind dragon. Water dragon.  The two dragons become divine guardians. The Tibetan dragon is equivalent to the snake in kundalini yoga. Shakti enerfy. Full consciousness.  Inner Dragons.  Kundalini and Shakti together make full field spiritual consciousness.

Remember the trunk along with the chakras because the Chakras are hanging on the trunk.

You have to be one with yourself.  It is beyond concept. Each lifetime we have a mission. We have a destiny. 

Forgetting is important. Forgave, Forget, Freedom.

Ask your ancestors in the blood meridian.  Ancestors have answers. Don't be careless with the ancestors.  Make an ancestor altar and put it in the South east corner.  Put a photo or on wood write all the names of the ancestors. Put there fruit or a root.  At the new moon put candle or incense.  The ancestor practice helps us overcome fear of death.

Slave cannot help a slave only the free can open the door to release all fingerprints.

The yoga of joy is geared towards trunk and chakra work.

ONG AH HUNG  - mantra for the prostration. We did prostrations.

Healing Sounds

Hsu (Liver)
Ts (Lung)
Hu (Heart)
Hoo (Stomache)
Trei (Kidney)
Shi (Immune System)
Hur (Central Channel, 3rd eye)

We did a nectar practice with a mudra for gazing at the sunset

She talked about DuMu - the combination of kundalini and Shakti

The Phoenix is the mother of the dragon

The second Saturday we were in a less elegant room in University Hall

Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa - is the full name of the mother all enlightenment high dimension being

Guan Yin - is the divine mother

Da Iz Da Bei - Great compassion, great love

Guang Da Ling Gan - infinite magical power

Ya La Suo - celebrate, joyful

Ta Shi Te Lek - auspicious

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om - Universe
Mani - Blue Pearl, Divine Consciousness, Krishna,  Medicine Buddha, Shiva, Buddha Nature
Padme - Lotus

The two dragons are in the pearl
Who is the leader of my life?
What is the real purpose of my life?

Lung is the engineer.

That's good mantra
There is a story about a king who transformed a negative message.  In the story there is the wood sellar who shows us that we send negative vibrations out.  We need to pay attention to our vibration.

The simple mind watches who is the actor and who is the director that makes a drama.
The simple mind has the power of intuition.
The simple mind has a space that 1 plus 1 doesn't equal 2

We have an inner king/queen

The king has an incredible dignity but many times we fire the king.

Smart body does not mean crazy yoga poses.  We use herbs. We use wisdom.  Our inner water dragon is very important.

Courage - Faith - Hope - Surrender

DuMu = the two dragons, feng and shui

DuMu = kundalini and Shakti together

Prajnaparamita = the highest wisdom

Vajra Pride = king and queen inside.  You can command a thing to happen.

You need a bodhisattva vow.  You can call in some help.

There is the way of the lotus and the way of the sword.  It is most important to have joy in daily life

Dharma is the method.

No duality strive for balance.

There is a difference between what our body needs and what we want.

Don't ever feel lonely. You have all the ancestors with you.

Be playful with obstacles.

Partner - with a good partner good things can happen

In the story about the king and the wood sellar at one point the king wanted to kill him and at one point he wanted to give him a gift. This is just human consciousness.  Practice non-attachment.

If you are a king to yourself you will attract good people. Similar frequencies attract each other.  You may lose quantity but not quality.

We have to overcome what other people think about us.  Be kind to yourself first.

There is an inner and outer location.  Our feng shui is an inner location.  We can't take care of everything but we can take care of ourselves.

2014 is the year of the wooden horse.  Wood creates fire.  This year is special.  Watch the liver (anxiety, anger, depression),  Learn an instrument made of wood.  There is a big shifting and transition.

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