Monday, August 18, 2014

Long Pose - Juliete Aristedes Workshop - Is your painting a Band Aid or a Rainbow?

This is the long pose I am working on in Juliette Aristedes' 10 day workshop at BACAA.

Some charcoal studies about how we felt about the pose.  What we thought was beautiful. Juliette says the poster study 1) helps us decided what's beautiful 2) helps us define what we are excited about.

My drawing after the transfer

Transferred on to board.  My outlines are too thick. Sorry. Then umber wash and wipe out.

Color Sketch/Poster Study to try out colors before we put on the real painting.  Juliette said a figure painting can be like a band aid (too monotone) or a rainbow (too colorful)
Juliette says:

For a painting to be successful there has to be a believability to the picture.

The goal of art is not to reproduce nature, it is filtered through a personality.

A painting is a relative series of relationships.

Without a real goal it is hard to get better

Color is not as teachable as drawing

Juliette talked about the POISON CHALICE - in painting you get pushed all the time,  the better you are the bar is always lifted

She mentioned an article in The Golden Age - Chapter 16  Where a bunch of people meet once a week and figure drew but after 4 years didn't get better

- don't rush
- copy good drawings
- look at good work
- have a goal for your work
- concentrate on shapes

Goals can be
- Make something that resonates as beautiful
- Accuracy
- Long Clean Note
- Gestural Line

People She Mentioned
- John Pense
- Pliny the Elder - talked about the painters having too many colors in their palettes
- Apeles
- the Odyssey - didn't have the words for colors we have today
- Neilson Shanks

Historical Palettes
- Juliette looks at portrait paintings where artist holds a palette to figure out historical palettes
- yellow ochre, earth red, black (functions as a blue) with addition sometimes of vermillion, naples yellow and viridian

Painting doesn't need to be perfect, just needs to be believable

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