Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chinnamasta I lament

With Chinnamasta I lament. 

 Chinnamasta makes me a little sad.  She reminds me that I never had children.  I haven't fed anyone with my body.  She makes me remember how I don't feel like a complete woman because I haven't given birth or nutured with my body.  My decision and my loss all at the same time.

Chinnamasta also reminds me how we need friends.  She is flanked by her girlfriends and that is so important.

Her story also reminded a little of the Jataka tale of the Tigress, when the incarnation of Buddha feeds her and her young with his own body.

It also brings to mind the Jataka tale of Rupavati the incarnation of Buddha that feeds starving children and their mother by cutting off her breasts.  But the difference for me is that she feeds herself too.

 It makes me think when we women take care of everyone we can't forget about ourselves.

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