Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Year Eve's Dream Temple - Part 1 - New Year's Eve at The Yogi Tree

Dream temples began in Egypt but also existed in the Middle East and Ancient Greece. In Greece, they were built in honor of Asclepios, the Greek god of medicine and were called Asclepieions. The Greek treatment was referred to as incubation and focused on prayers to Asclepios for healing.

Dream incubation is a practice of focusing attention on a specific issue before going to sleep. A 2010 article in Scientific American summarizes a few of the incubation techniques from The Committee of Sleep as follows:

"If you want to problem-solve in a dream, you should first of all think of the problem before bed, and if it lends itself to an image, hold it in your mind and let it be the last thing in your mind before falling asleep.. Equally important, don't jump out of bed when you wake up—almost half of dream content is lost if you get distracted. Lie there, don't do anything else. If you don't recall a dream immediately, see if you feel a particular emotion—the whole dream would come flooding back.

If you're just trying to dream about an issue or you want to dream of a person who's deceased or you haven't seen in a long time, you'd use very similar bedtime incubation suggestions as you would for problem solving: a concise verbal statement of what you want to dream about or a visual image of it to look at. Very often it's a person someone wants to dream of, and just a simple photo is an ideal trigger. "

When we wake up in the morning we will take will write down our dreams before morning Sadhana. Further dream discussion will take place during breakfast.

At the end of  the Yoga Nidra with Reiki Session New Year's Eve Session, Nya Patrinos and Jennifer Kelly will invite everyone to incubate their own personal dream..

7 pm - 8 pm Yoga
8:15 pm to 8:45 pm Breath Work
9:00 pm  to 9:30 pm Chanting
9:45 pm to 10: 45 pm Hypnosis
11:00 pm to 11:45 pm Trance Dance
Break to Ring in  New Year
12:15 am to 1:00 am Yoga Nidra with Reiki
1:00 am Lights Out with Dream Incubation (option to Spend the night at The Yogi Tree)
5:00 to 6:00 am Sadhana
6:15 am Oatmeal Breakfast with Dream Discussion.
7 am Depart

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