Thursday, March 3, 2016

Looking at the Koshas and Illness

I am working on learning this for Integrative Yoga Therapy program I am taking,

Bliss Body - Anandamayakosha

- "At this level illness is a fundamental separation from spirit and our own source energy, which gives us a sense of contnment, peace and bliss . . ."

Mainly separation from self or a fragmented self

Wisdom Body -Vijnanamayakosha
- " . . . illness is the sum of the beliefs, and thought patterns that affect the way we see life, and the world around us."
- metaphor of colored glasses through which we see the world
- "guidance comes in the form of synchronicity, reflection, intuition, creative expression and faith"
Psycho-emotional body: Manomayakosha
- ". . . illness is the level of emotional pain, conflict, fear anger and sadness . . . as a result of the core beliefs of separation at the level of the wisdom body."
- patterns of conditioning
- core beliefs affects our physical health
- what we call free will is actually so deeply conditioned that it is more like a script. Patterns of health and illness are embedded. . ."

Energetic Body: Pranamayakosha

- psychological blockages create energy blockages
- all cells, tissues and organs siffer from a lack of life force
- separation is shown in our breathing
- also shown by separation from nature and each of the five elements

Physical Body: Annamayakosha

- lack of body awareness
- the body's signals and messages are not listened to or understood
- lack of awareness of the Ayruvedic constitution, natural body type, appropriate diet and lifestyle

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