Monday, April 11, 2016


I wanted to post some things I wrote from 40 days to Optimal Health Program that Jennifer Kelly and I wrote and conducted at the Yogi Tree this January and February.

“The light that shines beyond this heaven, beyond all, in the highest worlds beyond which there are none higher, is truly the same light that shines with the person.”
- Chandogya Upanishad

As we spend this week at the Yogi Tree investigating the Fire Element I would like to explore the concept of inner light. Light and Fire are two aspects of the same basic energy.  In many traditions there is the idea that every human being has an inner light or a divine spark. Once our inner light is illuminated our personal  transformation speeds us enormously.  We become all fired up. We are full of enthusiasm. The word enthusiasm  means “to be infused with god force”

As humans we can be considered radiate sources of light or walking stars. Sometimes I have a moment in drawing session where I feel like everything I make is somehow turning out beautifully.  Many refer to this as in flow but I have always called it being on fire. I know all the moves to make.  I am unconsciously creating with a divine spark.  Seeing all the details.  Knowing how to translate from the model to my page. I feel connected to the universe. No longer are my hands making the art, the art is making itself.

These experiences are when I feel closest to God,  I feel God inside of me.
My seeing has changed from ordinary vision.  In yoga we speak of three eyes.  The left eye is lunar, night, feminine, receptive, the right eye is solar, day, masculine, dynamic expression. The third eye, in the center of the forehead, and is the seat of inner vision, intuition, perception and clairvoyance. In these drawing sessions when I am on fire I feel as if I am seeing through my 3rd eye.

1) Do you feel as if you have an inner light or divine spark?
2) What would you like to rapidly transform in your life?
3) Have you ever had an experience of being on fire or in flow?

4) Are there moments when you feel as if you are seeing through your third eye? Elaborate

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