Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Essential Nature and Yoga Therapy

The yoga therapy process opens the student to their essential nature, which is already whole and healed. When students come to you who are suffering from physical or emotional pain, it is sometimes hard for them to believe that there is a part of them that is already complete. Give one concrete example of how you could bring the student into contact with their own inner healing.

The yoga therapy process says we are already whole and healed. Health is our essential nature. But how does that help us when we feel sick and broken. As a yoga therapist we are to stress to the client that they have everything they need to be whole.  This is not an easy process to convince somehow who feels incomplete that they are complete.. I believe it takes time and a lot of effort to shift perceptions and beliefs about one's self.

I have a student who experienced physical abuse from his father during his childhood which included his father burning him with a poker. He also mentions that his father beat up his mother when she was pregnant.  He has low self esteem, anxiety and episodes of great sadness and loneliness.

I taught a 12 week version of Artist's Way which included some Yoga Poses and Pranayama and this student told he experienced a great shift in his life through journaling in the morning and doing the exercises in the Artist's Way.  After about 7 weeks of the course he had an "aha" moment where he told me he was worthy.  He is a writer and he shifted his life through the process of therapeutic writing.

"To work with our thoughts and make them more adaptive and realistic, we first need to know what they are. We can't allow our self-talk to remain background music, affecting us without knowing it.

One of the most useful things you can do to combat stress and anxiety is keep a running record of your thoughts on paper. There's simply no better way to learn about your thought processes than to write them down." - Barbara Markway Ph.D

I always suggest to my students to record their dreams, write morning pages, do stream of consciousness writing and intuitive painting as ways to get in touch with their essential nature.  Being open to the subconscious and unconscious tools I believe is the basis to self-healing.

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