Thursday, September 15, 2016

Who can you most serve right now as a Yoga Therapist

Yoga Therapy can benefit a wide range of people. In your vision for yoga therapy, who do you feel you can most serve at this time?

I feel that because of my personal history and Yoga Nidra training I am at best serving people in Yoga Therapy in Mental Health settings.  I feel like I have more understanding right now of the mind than the body. I feel most comfortable and prepared when working with clients suffering from anxiety, stress and/or depression.

My mother is a psychiatric nurse.  My sister has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology.  My grandmother was a psychic and read peoples auras, cards and tea leaves.  It as if mental health is the family trade.

I want to further this part of myself in which I feel like a have a natural gift.  I am going up to Expanding Light Ashram next month to do "Spiritual Counseling" training and in November I am going down to Encinitas to take the "Life Force Yoga" Teacher training.  The last thing I hope to do to really feel comfortable is this mental health part of the Yoga Therapy field is to take Nischala Joy Devi's "Healing Relationships" class.

I am not completely at home with the structural part of being a Yoga .  I feel I have a decent structural understanding of the places I have been injured: shoulders, feet, and knees but I need more anatomical understanding and better skills with postural assessments. I took a training in the Yoga Tune Up curricular last Sunday in Newport Beach I want to do more of that.  I think it will help me get more comfortable with the ball and other prop work I was doing with Maria Mendola in her Functional Yoga Therapy program.  I would also like to go up north and study some with Chinnamasta Stiles and get better at assessment and the joint freeing series.  But I think that is all in the future.

Hopefully when I go to India this winter I will also be able to fill some of my holes and strengthen some of my weaknesses.

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