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Yin Yoga Practice for Transforming Fear and Nervousness into Gentleness, Calmness, Will power and Wisdom


The Kidney Meridian - Root of Life

Reservoir of Energy
Seat of Courage and Willpower

The kidney meridian is a yin meridian (flows upwards), controls the growth and development of bones and nourishes the marrow, which is the body's source of red and white blood cells.

A weak kidney is therefore a prime cause of anemia and immune deficiency.

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Kidney Meridian Flow -

In traditional Chinese medicine, the spinal cord and the brain are forms of marrow, and therefore poor memory, inability to think clearly, and backache are all regarded as indicators of impaired kidney function and deficient kidney energy. Read also: Kidney Cleanse

The Kidney meridian's vitality is reflected externally by the condition of head and body hair and is associated with the entrance hole of the ears.

Tinnitus (ringing ears) is thus a sign of kidney dysfunction.

The kidneys are the seat of courage and willpower, and therefore any impairment in kidney meridian results in feelings of fear and paranoia.

Intense fear can cause involuntary urination, a phenomenon also known to Western medicine. Read also: 7 Emotions

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste metabolites from the blood and moving them on-wards to the bladder for excretion in urine.

Along with the large intestine, the kidneys control the balance of fluids in the body.

In addition, they regulate the body's acid-alkaline balance (pH) by selectively filtering out or retaining various minerals. Read also: Detox Diets

The Kidney Meridian is paired with: The Bladder Meridian

Element: Water

Physical Imbalances: Chest pain, asthma, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, impotence, hernia

Emotional Imbalances: Hysteria, paranoia, depression, fear, loneliness and insecurity

When Balanced: Wisdom, rationality, clear perception, gentleness and self-understanding.

Peak Hours: 5-7 pm

Foods: Water

Light Blue

Bhay is Sanskrit for Fear

Abhaya Varada Mudra - "Gesture for Fearlessness and Granting Wishes"

"No effort on the yoga path is every lost, nor can any obstacle ever hold one back forever. Just a little progress on this path can protect one from the greatest fear."

- Chapter 2, Verse 40 - Bhagavad Gita

Affirmation  – 

With a greater sense of grounding and centering, I move forward in life fearlessly

Once out loud
Once whispering
Once to yourself mentally


This poem in the Anita Diamant’s the Red Tent touched me

“Fear not, the time is coming
Fear not, your bones are strong
Fear not, help is nearby
Fear not, Gula (God) is near
Fear not, the earth is beneath you
Fear not, we have water and salt
Fear not, little mother or father
Fear not, mother of us all!”

a) Eyes closed. Hands on kidneys, Sense fear, nervousness, constriction, or imbalance. Ask for its message. 
b) Open eyes. Kness together. Inhale through the nose, sweeping arms around to place fingers below knees, thumbs linked. Bend forward, round back and look up.
c) Contact abdomen as you exhale on CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (breath only)
d) Release any fear, nervousmess, constriction or imbalance into the earth
e) Return hands to kidneys and place legs comfortably apart. Close eyes and smile to kidneys. Breath in blue light
f) Do this 3 to 6 more times.

Fear is one of the 9 rasas
Fear is a game of the over-exaggerating mind
Fear of death, failure, loss, success
The more attachments we have the more reason for the fear rsa
More is dominated by the air element – fearful people tend to tremble and shake – causes stomach to contract
In fear all our body cells scream at us to run for our lives

Fear can be overcome by inner strength, love and truth
“The future will take care of itseld, so let us not sacrifice today’s happiness because of it.”

1/2 Saddle

6 Steps to Releasing Fear by Nicholas Perrin
1. Come back to the present moment.

The first step is to bring your awareness to the present moment by watching the breath.
In hale and Exhale sub vocally

1/2 Saddle Other Side

2. Put things in perspective.

"Now that you are present, acknowledge the experience and ask yourself this question: “What is the worst case scenario that can happen to me?”

Once we can accept this and realize we will be okay if that happens, we are free from the fear.

When I realized I’d blown things out of proportion with my fears, I was able to detach from the story and put things into perspective.

I like to imagine that in every moment I have two wolves I can feed (per the Native American myth): the fear wolf or the love wolf. The one that gets stronger and wins is the one I feed."

Full Saddle or knees bent on the back with a sand bag

"3. Become an observer of your thoughts.

What has served me well in moments like this is to say, “I’m not these thoughts. I’m not these emotions. I’m not this body. I’m an infinite being having a human experience.”

In saying this, we immediately detach from the story and allow ourselves the choice of suffering or to become the observer.

Imagine that your life is represented in a book, and the story you are living out comes from the words on the page. We can change the words of the story at any point in time."


"The fourth step is to place your awareness and your right hand on the heart center, which is located near the sternum. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and make the following command:
“I am now connected to the infinite part of who I am, which already knows how to be whole and complete. I take full responsibility and accountability for this creation, I recognize how it has served me, and I am now ready to let it go. I command that the fear energy be transmuted into unconditional love now. Thank you. It is now done.”
This process is incredibly empowering. We allow ourselves the opportunity to experience being our own inner master and a co-creator of our reality."

1/2 Butterfly Pose Sides

"5. Prevent your mind from sabotaging you.

Visualize a stone being thrown into a pond. Observe the ripples it creates when it enters the water. This is to simply distract your mind and allow the process to unfold without doubt or self-sabotage. It is only our mind that can interfere with our own healing."

1/2 Butterfly Other Side -

"6. Be grateful.

Express gratitude and appreciation for the integration and healing you have received.

The key to happiness is awareness. When we become aware that our mind is wandering, we can gently bring it back to the present moment. It’s only in the present moment that we are empowered and can consciously choose the thoughts we engage with.

The thoughts we focus on will determine where our energy flows, and thus what is created in our life. Each thought has a vibration, which is reflected by the feeling we experience in our body.

To be able to move from a fear-based experience to an open, peaceful experience we must first take full responsibility and accountability that on some level we created the experience, and nobody else is to blame.

The choice is truly ours. Do we choose to experience a fearful, limited life or do we choose a happy joyful life?"

Fear is often caused by ignorance – we can be fearful of something that is unknown
One of the most powerful fears is the fear of death

Fear is a natural protection that keeps as away from harm


Metaphorical forms of Fear:  tiredness, heaviness. Cold, nausea, exhaustion

Metaphysical characteristics of the energy of fear: internal coldness, shivering, heaviness, sudden tiredness, sleepiness, irregular breathing, cold sweating, anxiety, loss of skin color, loss of energy, loss of appetite, inability to speak, inability to look another in the eye, dehydration and nausea, legs can feel cold or numb, especially the backs of the legs, dehydration or dry lips, inability to talk to anyone, not enough energy for conversation, diarrhea, greater than normal need to pee, extreme sensitiy to touch

Some of the fear energy in the body can relate to events deep in the past and these events can have been forgotten or buried.  The conscious mind may have forgotten but the energy of those experiences can still be in the body

Feelings of blackness and stickness within yourself

Melting Heart
Dreams – pictures of thick, black motor oil or black witches or black fearful creatures
Sometimes we are blocked and we want to do something but can’t seem to – we should not call this laziness we should call it fear

There is fear of failure as well as fear of success, fear of not being good enough, fear of not finishing, fear of beginning at all,  The cure for fear is love

Call fear by its right name – not laziness not procrastination
(give yourself permission to begin small)
Setting impossible goals
Fear of abandonment – rooted in childhood

2md chakra yoga poses can bring forward fear

Fear is dominated by the air element – fearful people tremble and shake and their stomaches contract
In fear, all our body cells scream to us to run for our lives
Metallic taste comes in the mouth when we experience fear
Yogic remedy for fear is wearing pearls, and stones like turquoise, red coral
FEAR and ANGER are companions, they stimulate each other
WONDER and FEAR are related – because wonderous things bring a minimal amount of fer because we can’t understand them and that makes us cautious


Reclining Twist
Fear is overcome by inner strength, love and truth
When we have nothing to lose there is nothing to fear
Real knowledge and truth brings fearlessness
Love and Friendship can overcome fear
Need to make distinction between planning and worrying

Yama is the deity of fear

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