Thursday, March 30, 2017

Reflections on Chapter 2 in BODYMIND by Ken Dychtwald

BODYMIND was written in 1977 but for me it seems as it could have been written yesterday.  There is so much information that I have been trying to piece together from many sources that is presented here and a comprehensive and compelling way.

Although all of the book was extremely interesting to me.  I was especially interested in the major MINDBODY splits.  I have been talking for years about the left right split but Ken Dychtwald showed me that was only one possibility.  I feel very excited by this new information.

For Mr. Dychtwald the front/back split separates the private and unconscious self at the back with the more public social self at the front.

Our unwanted and negative emotions get stored in the back of the body and the back becomes weak because it is toring emotions like anger and fear
In our body is a house the front is like the living room in the house and the back is like the attic or basement.  I had never considered this type of split before but it makes a lot of sense to me.  It is a good answer to why it is hard to work with people with back problems and why many back problems are considered psychosomatic and don't register on an xray or can.

The another split that Dychtwald mentions in BODYMIND that I had never considered before is the
Top/Bottom Split.

 I have often seen these people with very big bottoms and small tops are small tops and big bottoms and I have wondered how did the body create such and imbalance.  Dychtwald suggests that the bottom part of our body is stabilizing . moving and balancing.  In contrast, the top half is seeing, hearing, speaking thinking, expressing, stroking, hitting and holding, communication and breathing. We show out dominant characteristics by how our body shapes or our shapes effect our dominant characteristics.

Another split I was introduced to was the Torso/Limbs Split.

 I have seen these type of people skiny arms and legs and a developed torse and also the reverse. Dychtwald explains that the torso is the core and the limbs allow us to reach out and expand ourselves past our self contained restrictions and limits imposed by our torsos.  We says that weak limbs represent bottled up feelings while over developed limbs forecast a person who is a do-er and/or be-er.

The Right/Left split is the one I am most familiar with.

The Left is the feminine side of the body and the Right is  masculine.  This presents itself in injuires, flexibility or lack their of  and we can also see this imblance when people are expressing themselves by crying or  talking with their hands

The head/body split is one I feel a lot in my father's side of the family.

 The are hyper intellectuals who don't care for their body's.  The either are very obese or under developed and weak.  The body seems to be an after thought to them not connected, more like a purse to carry or luggage.  Ken Dychtwald  explains that the head and face are our most social aspects. They are the mask that we present to the world.  The body below the neck is our private self which is mostly covered with clothing.  Many people put more attention on their face and their intellect than their bodies. He says the body is the emotional, animal and less creative self and this reflects in the splits of body/mind, intellect/feelings and reason/intuition.

I loved that book. Sometimes I got tired on Ken Dychtwald talking about how attractive woman after woman in his encounter groups were.  He might have a three way split which a lot of men I know have penis/head/body.  I will add that split to his list.

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