Sunday, August 23, 2009

Film Studies/Reverse Storyboarding.

Film Studies are a way to learn film composition by freezing frames on movies and drawing very simply the composition of the shot. I learned about this in Will Weston's drawing and composition class the fall of 2008 at the Animation Union. He started us with black sharpie/tombo/marker and then eventually let us use 2 grays and a white out pen/white pencil/gel pen. I like the technique. He suggested that I do film studies from all the movies that relate to my graphic novel (Hymn of the Pearl) and then use the shots as inspiration when I draw out the panels. I thought it was a good idea but I got away from it with everything else I've been doing but now I'm back trying it again. I'm going to use it as an exercise in the Pre-Production Class I'm team teaching at LMU.

Film Studies of Siddhartha (1972). I chose to do this because the Hymn of the Pearl is sort of a Siddhartha type story.

The Horseman (1972). Chose to do this one because part of the Hymn of the Pearl takes place in Afghanistan.

Ben Hur. Decided it to do it because it's a masterpiece and also a period drame like Hymn of the Pearl. Part of the Hymn of the Pearl takes place in Israel.

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