Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get the Lead Out - Kline Academy - Gladiator

I did these drawings at the "Get The Lead Out" session hosted by the Kline Academy. I thought about the Anatomy Class I took at Gnomon with Charles Hu a bunch tonight. I thought I wish I could remember what he said about the flow of curves down the arms, and the abdominal muscles being like Chevrons. I had a hard time making the arms and legs curves vs. straights (like Kevin suggests) because the model was so muscular - it seemed like both sides of his arms especially were curves. Any way - I don't think they look that bad. I'm going to look back over my drawings with Charles. I did so much homework in that class but it just didn't seem like anything stuck in my brain. I just wish I knew why - I wasn't tired - the class was during the day. Maybe I just wasn't ready for what he was talking about.

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