Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ed Li's - 4 Different Types of Space

According to Ed there are 4 Different Types of Spaces

1. Deep Space (i.e. and Establishing Shot - has a sense of depth)
2. Flat Space (2 Characters Simple - no converging lines in perspective)
3. Limited Space (Transition Between Flat Space and Deep Space - Generally a waist up shot - you don't get the sense of the vanishing point in your frame)
4. Abstract Space (super close or really faraway - takes a bit to figure out what you are looking at)

All these shots together give visual variety so you don't get the same shots over and over again.

When you are drawing environments think about
2. LINE (width and thicknesses)

Ed's words of wisdow

Vanishing points in drawing can be used as pointers - to point to something you want someone to look at.

The more you know about perspective the more you can move away from perspective. The world doesn't always line up on a perspective line which is part of rea world situations. Your design sensibility lets you know if you want to make this perfectly in perspective or imperfect

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