Friday, February 26, 2010

Renoir in the 20th Century - LA County Museum

I saw this Renoir Exhibit at LACMA the other day. It focuses on Renoir's later years. His hands were quite cramped and crippled and the paintings at some moments became almost grotesque to me.

Portrait of Jean Renoir - one of my husband's favorite directors and son of Piere-Auguste Renoir I've only seen his film "The River."
I feel like he most of had an affair with Gabrielle (she is in the above painting). He paints her a million times and she's always half naked.

I liked the plein air work the best and sometimes I was bothered by the crazy proportions on the figurative work which is very conservative of me (I know - I'm sorry). I fell out of love with the impressionists in my twenties and though I know there is much to learn from them the pinky skin is too much for me. Although it is thought provoking. I liked the sculptures very much and did believe the work served as a bridge to Cubism. I do want to go back and look at the landscape painting and see if there is anything that I may want to incorporate into my own work.

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