Monday, February 22, 2010

Sketching Around the Zoo

These are some more sketches from the last 2 weekends at the zoo. It was raining a little. The animals are always moving and I don't know the anatomy well enough to really make it up but I try my best and sometimes they come back to the same position again. Sometimes I even like my drawings. I really never have been to the LA Zoo until this year. It is sort of like a prison for animals. A lot of them look sad and lonely. LA might privatize (sell) the Zoo to help relieve it's financial problems. The zoo is filled with strollers and screaming wild kids on Sundays. It's quite a scene.


Giant Elan


A jaguar drawn by my teacher Joe Weatherly.

More Rhino with pencil and tombo marker.

Zebras with the art pen. My husband likes the drawing of the zebra but.

I forgot what these are called.

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