Friday, May 14, 2010

American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life (1765-1915) - LACMA

I saw the "American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765–1915" at LACMA a couple of weeks ago before I met some friends for dinner at the Farmer's Market.

What I mainly learned is that I am in love with Winslow Homer. Here are two paintings by Homer that I love.

Cotton Pickers

The Veteran in the Field

I also like George Bellows a lot. I remember doing a paper on his painting "River in the rain" when I was at RISD. My teacher whose name I have long forgot told us to visit our painting everyday to get to know it. I loved that teacher and I did just that.
There were lots of paintings with African-Americans in them which really surprised me. Not so many African-Americans at the exhibit (only me) when I went to see it. There were a lot of Cassatt and Eakins paintings I remember seeing in my childhood at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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