Monday, May 17, 2010

Bill Perkins Workshop

Attended Bill Perkins workshop on Sunday at Brandt Library and Art Center. We drew Notans and Painted a model named Tony who I have drawn before twice.

These are notans done with markers on post its.

Bill Perkins quoted Loomis - "If it's worthy of painting then it's worthy of planning."
To avoid mushy paintings use 5 values based on what you're painting.
He gave us markers and post its (see above) and told us not to render with the markers but choose the closest values and make simple shapes. This will create clarity in the painting.
Eliminated the in between values - don't paint them - this will let your painting have clarity.
Before you paint describe to yourself what you are seeing and what you are about to see.
Don't use names don't say tree use adjectives. Because if you say tree you will think generic tree and stop looking. Don't be so anxious to paint that you don't think about what you are painting.
Think about "beautiful color." Think about the beauty in the color that you are seeing. This will make you work in a certain way when you think about the beauty in it.
1st - Simple Value Groups
2nd - Design and Composition (no composition rules explain every situation. What you see and what you want to say you can bend reality to gve it presentation you want).
Sketches help you with tonal clarity and help you figure out how to bend the rules.
Every painting as a exposition (beginning), midle and end. Visual tension helps you resolve your image. In your sketch find lightest light and darkest dark - not rendering.
Notan vs Chiarascuro
- figure out if what you are creating/painting/drawing is more dominated by light and shadow or light and dark this is Notan vs. Chiarascuro. Sometimes you don't need to add more form.
Think of the relationships between light and value.
Howard Pyle said there are two values in everything
Serroyo has greater contrast in the mid values
A lot of photography in magazines is shot in Noan (flat light)
Can play with both - Sargeant simplified black suits of men but had mid values in their faces.

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