Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Georgia O'Keefe

Jerry Wrightmas did a lecture today on Art and Architecture of New Mexico centering on Georgia O'Keefe.

O'Keefe first came to New Mexico and stayed with a crazy lady Mable Dodge Luhan. She moves to New Mexico permanently in 1949. She doesn't put people in the lanscape but she does anthropormize the landscape. The lanscape is sensual but with O'Keefe sensual and sexual get confused.

Some things he touched on but I need to research

Taos Society of Art
American Modernism
the Stieglitz Circle

Artists come to New Mexico because of health, light, expanse and the idea of breaking away fromt the European Tradition,

The were believers in Thoreau and Whitman and their ideas about the transcendental quality of nature.

O'Keefe works with the V shape and the spiral. She also reads Kadinsky about the spiritual quality of art. Her work references music. With the advent of photography it was imperative to put emotion into paintings. But she takes from photography ideas of abstraction and framing.

Stieglitz photos of O'Keefe always emphasize her hands. Often he puts her infront of her paintings. He cultivates an image for her.

Gallery 291 (I need to figure out who they are)

Arthur Dove (I need to look into him)

O'Keefe is Stieglitz's woman child.

I love her New York paintings. She does some paintings in Lake George but misses the west.

She is friends with Ansel Adams.

F64 - Ansel Adams photo group in San Francisco

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