Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Head Drawings

These are the drawings I did the last two weeks in Glen's Class. I have signed up to take it again. I think I will take it four times and then make an assessment about what else I want to do. Glen is so positive and is filled with so much information that I feel like I could learn so much from him. My main problem is I don't practice enough and that I am so tired in the class. The first five weeks of the class I felt like I couldn't even hold my arm up to the paper because I was working right up to class time on Saturday and then after class was over on Saturday night. But in the end I know it was worth it because I keep drawing.

I went out grocery shopping today and it was misty and gray and so beautiful. I felt like I wish i could capture this. I wish I could paint this or draw this. So I will continue in my journey and I hope in the new year I wont be quite so tired,

This is Glenn's correction of my drawing.

This is my drawing with out corrections.

This is my last drawing which I am really pleased with. I can't believe that it came out of me.

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