Monday, February 21, 2011

Head Drawing

Glen came back to teach this week.
This is his rework of my drawing.

This is my drawing.
Glen's Notes:
- Look for the crappy xerox when drawing
- Think about both construction and paint
- Think 3d (sculptural) and 2d (paint and light and dark)
- Figure out what your weakness is and work on it
- Watch your drawing and figure out what's going on
- copy Loomis
- Figure out what it looks like
- Figure out where to put everything
- Fill in your darks, Fill in your lights
- Keep it simple
- When drawing an attractive girl be minimal with the shapes
- Don't punch blacks in the nostrils
Recommended Books
The Figure: An Artist's Approach to Drawing and Construction
An Approach to Figure Painting for the Beginner: Howard K. Forbers

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