Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Art - Various Exercises with Mary Lou at Yoga Vidya

A Mandala

This painting was started with my eyes closed listened to music.  When we opened our eyes we were supposed to see what we saw and paint from there.  I saw a sailor on a boat in the storm.  Mary Lou said although my man was in a storm he seemed in control without anxiety.  He also had protective gear which also showed him in control.

Our first day we did a collage about our self in the present moment.  A few  days later I decided to do a painting in my sketchbook from the collage.

Here are my notes from the day of making the postcard collage:

My postcard collage tells me how I feel about myself today.  I am experiencing great beauty in nature and architecture.  I feel good.  I feel at peace.  My collage has all my favorite things: flowers, butterflies, boats, the color orange.  My collage shows both strength and vulnerability.  My collage has archways (not locked doors) . . . exploration through these archways is easy to do and rewarding.
The freedom of the butterfly is the important moment balanced by the self-critical observing eye leading to a beautiful introspection.
Collage is always ever so easy and enjoyable for me.  I really didn't encounter difficulties.  Everything I wanted was there including my butterfly that I found last without even looking for it.

Another subconscious painting exercise that I started with my eyes closed.

A painting on canvas of my favorite ladies washing the dishes.  I didn't want to work on canvas or with acrylic but decided just to go with it.  I left in in Kerala with Wasalla and Bindu, I hope they like it.

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