Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Screwing Around with Water Color - Last Day of Summer

For me it's the last day of summer.  I have been off for 2 months.  I think I did a lot.  But never enough.
Watercolor from my Imagination David Deyell's Class at Reyes Adobe.
I listened to Midnight's Children on CD as well as 2 books on emotions with the Dalai Lama.  I read Heart of Yoga, Seven Lessons of Chaos Theory, A book on Aging by Deepak Chopra,  An Introduction to Taoism by E. Wong, the Tao of Paoh, Stephen Mitchell's Tao te Ching and the Secret Teachings of Plants. 

Imagination Painting
  I saw two musicals: Scottsboro Boys and Fela with the cousin Lucretia.  I saw a few blockbuster movies including: Ironman 3, Man of Steel and Star Trek 2 with Lucretia and Tim.  I watched a bunch  of documentaries on Tibetan Buddhism and a series on the history of 20th century china.
Imagination painting David Deyell's class
I saw a psychiatrist to work on my depression.  Went to physical therapy for my shoulder.  I did ten sessions of water yoga. Went to a ten hour yoga workshop with Shiva Rea at Exhale. I did 42 hours of yin yoga teacher training with Paulie Zink.  As well as continuing my Moksha practice.  I had my first yoga private session with Matt.  I also had two shiatsu massages at Olympic Women's Spa.  I had my hair cut, colored and relaxed and even used my last groupon session for fake eyelashes. I considered getting a nose ring, I am still thinking about it.

Rose Garden at USC
 I started the Yoga Philosophy program at LMU and finished Yoga and the Mandala - Transforming Negative Emotions class as well as Sanskrit 1.  I continued taking classes with Andy Fish at Emerson College Extension in the Graphic Novel Program.

I hugged and I was hugged by Amma!
El Matador Beach
  I went back to Philly and saw my family and held and hosted a memorial service for my godmother Jean Ann Scott, may she rest in peace.  I love her very much.  In Phlly, I had lunch at Olive Garden with my Aunt Frances, Lois and Dee.  I went to bible study with Dee and Frances. I spent the day in New York with Bryce and even saw a friend from my youth, Susie Spodek.

I watched the NBA playoffs
Rose Garden USC
  I went up to Lone Pine and attended my 3rd Henry Fukuhara paint out with good friends Bernie and Mary Beth.

I listened to lots of records on my record player

Sketch at El Matador
  I had my 43rd Birthday.  I had a colonoscopy in which a pollup was removed.  I was diagnosed with rotator cuff problems, plantar fascitis and a very low heart beat of 45 beats a minute.  I also celebrated the 44th birthdays of my cousin Lucretia and my beloved husband Tim.

Sketch at El Matador
 And other things happen, some things I have forgotten and some things just too private to write on this blog.  But tomorrow back to the grind.

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