Monday, September 29, 2014

New Moon Goddess Libra - 4 quadrant Healing Mandala

I lead a Art/Yoga Fusion workshop on Friday night at the Yogi Tree. This is what was on the paper I handed out for the activity.

4 Quadrant Goal Setting Mandala

Materials: Participants use collage, drawing, and writing (with different color pens, pencils, markers ) to fill the four quadrants of one large mandala

The four quadrants will be divided into these groups:

1)    Mind: What do you want the quality of you mind to be?  What will help you get there? What is going well mentally?

2)    Body: What are your goals for your body? What will you do? What do you want it to look like? How will you achieve this?  What parts of your body do you feel good about?

3)    Relationships: Who do you want from the relationships in your life  (Friends, Family, Co-workers, Partners, Yourself)?  What can you give to these relationships? What changes do you want to make?  What is going well?

4)    Work:  What do you want you work life to look like? What changes do you want to make? What is going well?

This is what the mandala looked like when it left my house.  I had started to collage some of my goals into the mandala.

This is the finished mandala.

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