Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yoga Nidra and Iyengar

I went to Iyengar today.  I want to practice Iyengar but sometimes it just bores me - mainly the huge breaks between the postures to get and put away your props and the obsessive-compulsiveness of the teachers about the blanket folds etc sometimes is just too much for me to bare.

I do think it's a very important practice and the practice that I learn the most about what the yoga poses are supposed to be/ feel like when I am in Iyengar.  My teacher was Kerri Lee. I like her a lot.  She is very detail oriented (but not shit she is an Iyengar teacher) She pays a lot of attention to the shoulders which is good for me because my shoulders are so screwed up/. I want to keep studying with her when I am not working.  This is my third class with her.  The class was surprisingly full for 9am in the morning,  The traffic was terrible.

I practiced a 7 stage Yoga Nidra today. It's really hot and uncomfortable out.  When there was dialogue about being cold it was hard for me to accept it.  My neck and shoulder are sore, I think from headstand against the wall but it could be from hot yoga also.  I wonder why my neck always gets jammed in headstand.

This evening I am going to Hot Yoga 8 for Yin with Star. I am in the middle of a 30 day challenge.

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