Saturday, March 14, 2015

Creativity Coaching - Lesson 5 - How to better join with yourself to support your creative efforts an creative life?

I think what would help me better join with myself to support my creative efforts and creative life?

a) Journaling
I feel more centered and joined with myself when I journal.  I consider answering these questions as part of my journaling process.  I liked the idea the person in your example did with having a separate journal for inner critic. That is something I may play with.

b) Doing Yoga
I get a lot of my most creative ideas in savasana at the end of yoga.  My stress level inhibits my creativity and yoga is one of the biggest destressors I know.

c) Meditating Consistently
When I meditate consistently I really change. I am more positive.  I feel better and my creativity as it a higher level.  I also hear less negative criticizing self talk.

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