Monday, March 2, 2015

Kamala and Creativity

Creativity is one of the things that I am most interested in life.  How to stay creative, feed my own creativity and develop as a creative being, as well as, how to help others awaken their creativity, feel safe enough to create and be open to creative energy and ideas?  These are the things that most attract me to Kamala.  Getting in touch with the creative force that supports us humans in whatever we desire to do.  Exploring how do I give permission to myself and others to be creative? This is what I desire to be apart of and hope to create in my yoga studio, a center for creativity, where the mind, body, and spirit are celebrated.

 I started an online program to be a Creativity Coach in the hopes and answering some of these questions. I see many people filled with talent and desire not creating anymore. They are afraid to create, too tired to create, blocked or disenchanted with all the rejection involved with being an artist.

I taught The Artist Way this winter.  I taught a couple Art/Yoga Fusion Workshops in the fall: Heart Mandala for Self Esteem, Gratitude Yantra for Thanskgiving and Dream Exploration hoping to awaken and support people (and myself) in their creativity by fusing art, yoga and meditation.  My idea was to relax and open people with Yoga and Meditation so they could really make art from a different level of consciousness.

Laskshmi has never been a goddess who has interested me much.

 I think of her mainly in her form as the "good wife" or people asking her for money.  I like the idea in the lecture of seeking her for wealth of spiritual knowledge as opposed to material wealth and that true wealth is generosity.

I am very interested in the Kamala - Kali cycle of the Full Moon and Dark moon, pleasure - non-attachment cycle.  I would like to read more about this, somehow balancing life between Kamala and Kali.

I love that the lotus is the journey of the aspirant and it reminds us to trust in our path.  I embrace the idea of pleasure in the body and the senses.  I wrote before how I reject this idea of the body is impure and something to be reviled or ignored.  I want to delight my sense and feel joy in being alive.  I don't relate to the path of austerities even though disciple in something that is very important to me.

Finally, in the graphic novel I have been working on for so many years (without much to show for it) one my characters is named Kamala.

She is the obsession of the hero.  She is a prostitute who he falls in love with, is separated from, pines for for many years and finally is reunited with to only discover she is lesbian and never loved him.  I didn't  know anything about Mahavidya Kamala when I wrote the story.  I just knew in a dictionary of names Kamala meant desire. I think after this  lecture I want to make sure she is fully developed to honor her name and not just a foil for the hero without her own unique story.

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