Monday, November 2, 2015

Throat Chakra Painting

I did a Chakra body map exercise with Art 4 People and one of the weakest images I made was for the throat chakra.  My task was to develop the weakest and strongest images from the exercise into a painting.  

This painting is about 24" by 24".  The most important parts of the face in the center to me are the lips and the ears.  The lips are closed (I talk too much) and the ears should be open to listen.  If I were to title this painting it would be called 


Each petal has a word connecting to the throat chakra: listening, speaking, expression, saying yes etc. This painting also seems to be influenced by the work I did on the Hero-ine's journey painting. I used the traditional number of 16 petals, the traditional color blue and the crescent moon symbol.

This is a piece last month in my sketchbook about the throat chakra.  I couldn't have made the painting above without this piece.  It's where I found the colors and the lengths of the petals. I may add the Sanskrit bija mantra Hum to the painting above.  I am not sure.  I'd like to do all seven chakras but it takes a lot of time.

I really love the way the throar chakra painting came out.  I like putting myself as the face of the painting.  I like to be in my paintings right now since in my day time job as a decorator my job is to be invisible.

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