Thursday, November 3, 2016

The healer and the client are not ultimately separate - Journaling about "Healing into Life and Death" by Stephen Levine

I am realizing that the healing is all on us, the one who needs/wants to be healed.  There can be companions on the path whatever their credential is but mainly I think we are responsible for our own Self-Realization.

We are the mirror as well as the face in it.
We are tasting the taste this minute
Of eternity. We are pain
And what cures pain, both. We are
The sweet, cold water, and the jar that pours.
- Rumi

“Ramakrishna, the great Indian saint, said there were two things that made God laugh: when a healer says, “I healed them” and when bickering lovers say, “We have nothing in common.”

This idea as the client and healer being the same is talked about in the book in the story of Loud Larry.  When the doctors asked him how on earth did he heal, he replied “I took the best medicine I could find. And I was the only physician who could prepare it. I took me, lock, stock and barrel."

I think we have to trust that we can heal ourselves not matter what it looks like.  I love these quotes from the book.

“When we let go of everything that blocks healing, only the healing remains, only our essential nature. We are all healers who need healing, but it seems so often to be a question of trust. Because letting go means letting be, and few trust what it is.”

p. 161
“We discover the healing which is always present when we aren’t identified solely with this body or mind or any separate aspect whatsoever with any model of who we should be or who we are or even what illness might be. Seeing illness as a teaching instead of a curse, we learn to let go of a lifetime’s denial of pain and confusion, to see the deeper illness, the sickness of separation from ourselves, the nausea and discomfort that leaks into the separation between the heart and the mind.”

“Healing is to press our nose against the lens of perception, to enter our life directly with our eyes and ears and body and mind wide open. Discovering the unimagined spaciousness and clarity in which all distortion floats and heals back into its original nature.”

The book also reminds us to beware of Healer’s Disease when working with others.

p. 149
“The need for someone else to be different as means of bargaining with their own sense of helplessness and unworthiness.”

“And no one is so sensitive to the difference between being touched with love and being touched with need as someone whose mind or body has been abused.”

p. 228
“Before one thinks of “doing good” one must seriously contemplate removing oneself from doing harm.”

Lastly, for me, I realize it's really important to have a daily practice of yoga and meditation and talk with god or goddess like a friend all the time.

“When practice is as light as the breath within the breath, there is a profound element of mercy which shines within a choiceless receptivity. It does not force change but simply allows it. Indeed it watches the tendency to force things, patiently, without alarm or condemnation.”

Don’t be a Buddhist, be a Buddha
Don’t be a Chirstian. Be Christ
Don’t be a Meditator, Mediate

p. 213
“Don’t leave your meditation on the meditation pillow.”

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