Sunday, June 20, 2010

Venetian Masters - Nude

Final work on the painting from the model.

These are the current layers of my painting.

Head Drawing

Glen Orbik's trace overlay on my drawing:

My head drawing from last night. I think I'm getting better.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mia - Last Drawing Class

Cathy's last class. I loved the model she could play Suma in the Hymn of the Pearl. She reminded me of Josephine Baker.

JB Drawings - Inspired by Toulouse Lautrec

2nd to last Cathy Karol class we had JB as a model. She did Toulouse Lautrec inspired poses.

Greystone Manor with Mary Beth

Went painting with Mary Beth 2 Fridays ago. Here are the results. We were at Greystone Manor again. It's a great place to paint.

Head Drawing - Class 4

Here's my long pose from Glen Orbik's Saturday Evening head drawing class. I started off badly but Glen helped me. I don't seem to know where to place the features. I tend to want to flatten everything out and not position the eye rught on the lips.

Here's Glen's correction when I had been drawing about 10 minutes.
I love Glen's class I need to spend time practicing. He wants us to copy from Loomis, the Gibson girl book and Vanderpoel. He also wants us to do planes of the head exercises. I'm going to do something this week!! I've been so busy with my million classes.

Environments and the Wacom

Here is my first assignment it took me forever . My hand started to cramp also. It still works. I think I am too old to learn to draw on the computer. But here I did it. Some of it looks good some of it not so good.
I learned a few things about photoshop - the skew tool, when you hold the shift key you can make a straight line. It was so hard!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Glen Orbik - Class 3

I feel like this drawing got a little better than last week.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Griffith Park - Los Feliz Kiddy Train Station

Painted with Mary Beth on friday at Griffuth Park. Had a hard time with perspective and managing color.

Thumbnails with Art Pen and Marker in my sketch book.
Post it drawing

Final Painting