Saturday, September 3, 2011

Color Theory - Bill Perkins

This is from Bill's class on Monday. I hated my first painting but I like this 2nd one. Bill used Green and Red gells for this set up. It was a set up stress chiaroscuro where the highlights are red orange and the shadows are greens with some plane shifts going to lavendar. I like Bill a lot. I wish I was younger with more energy and time so I could really understand what was going on in that class. I would take it again in a minute.

Color Theory - Bill Perkins

I worked on this painting the whole class time (maybe 2 hours) in Bill's class. I am completely lost on what is going on there. I am always way too tired. Bill added a lot of orange around the eyes which confuses me. I have a lot of trouble seeing the color in the flesh tones. He talked a lot about hard edges and soft edges. I couldn't understand what he meant.

August Watercolor Sketches

I do these little watercolor sketches when I travel in a small watercolor sketchbook with a tiny paint set. I haven't had much training in watercolor but I like color so these are fast and fun to do. These first ones I did around Island Falls when I was on the Sewell House Yoga Retreat.

This last one is done at the Mission La Purisma in Lompoc. I'd like to go back up there and do some oil painting.

Art Show for Manzanar Workshop

Here are pictures of Bernie Vyzga and I with our paintings at the Manzanar exhibit.