Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playing Dress Up in Salawas

Darya goes in her chest and gets us outfits for dress up

Sunset over Salawas

Chhotu's brother and I climbed a mountain to watch the Sunset over Salawas

Bottom of the mountain

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shepherd's House - Salawas

Chhotu took us to a shepherd's village near his house

The mother of the family sat in the cooking hut preparing food

Her child was not far from her side

Grandmother fetched some wood

The sheep were in a enclosure next to the house

Grandmother talk to his a bit through Chhotu

Chhotu told us all three of these girls are married

The showed me their henna

they showed me their anklets and asked us for money

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Made In India - Sketchbook, Paintings, Collages

This was a nature mandala I made at Mary Lou's retreat. 
In the beginning, My mandala was going to be  a pretty circle with different colors but as I started to place objects there was a moment when my creativity exploded and I was no longer trying to make a pretty circle I was frenetically creating something that spoke to me.  The rocks, leaves and stems told me where they wanted to go here and there and it was all I could do to hold on the whirlwind of energy passing between myself and the mandala.  I rode the wave like a surfer in the ocean.
I didn't feel any hesisitation or blocks just the energy-elevating and elevating as if making a piece of music where the notes build and build to a dramatic climax.
I discovered I had forgotten how freeing creating can be.  Being in the zone.  The freedom to create without expectation or goals brings out a joyful feeling of bliss and energy.  I was completely absorbed in the process I lost all track of space and time.  All I was for a bit of time was a pure creative force.

This was a subconscious painting I started with my eyes closed

This is a mandala I designed and painted

This is acrylic on canvas I made for the washerwomen, I wish I knew how to make it better

This is the collage I did about me that later I painted and put in my sketchbook

A tiny watercolor done in Munnar when we were staying at Kavailyam

Another Munar Watercolor

An actor putting on his make up for Kathakali in Munnar

View from the yoga studio in Munnar

Overlooking the yoga studio in Kaivalyam in Munnar

On the backwater in Moolikulam

My own Mandala

Painting at Ajanta caves
My painting of my collage that I made at Moolikulam Shala

Women listening to traditional music at Moolikulam Shala


Bindu washing
My favorite ladies at Moolikulam


Bindu, one of the prettiest women I have ever seen

Bindu and Vasala

Prepatory Sketch of the painting of Vasala and Bindu

our lodging at Chhotaram Prajapat's Homestay

Jain Column at Ellora Caves

Jaislamer, view from the Mystic Hotel rooftop

Mumtah, always working


Lake in Jaislamer

Sunset over the Thar desert

Jaswant Thada in Jodhpur

View from the rooftop of Bristows Haveli

Evening Program in the Thar Desert

From the rooftop in Udaipur

Sixth Sense Restaurant at the Inn at Seventh Heaven, Pushkar

Pushkar Lake seen from the Sunset Cafe


Udaipur, Paantya Restaurant

Sunset over the Lake in Udaipur
Painting from my subconscious started with my eyes closed in Kerala at Mary Lou's retreat