Monday, February 20, 2012

Some January - February work

I have been in a sort of malaise about posting on my blog. I have also been in a drawing funk. I just don't seem to be excited about anything right now. I think I am burned out from all my Set Dec jobs.

I did this a couple weeks ago outside at Howard Marchese's uninstructed workshop. Howard said it was my best piece. I really didn't feel one way or another about it.

I did this at Richard Morris's Class. I liked it. I kept thinking that the model looked like some Jacobean out of Tale of Two Cities. I think I remember something about the name Jaques in the novel. Anyway when I can come up with a story I seem to draw better pieces. Richard thought that the composition was really good which I thought was a great compliment. I wish I could study with him at his studio.

This was another sitting of that Virgin Mary pose at Howard's workshop. I think my first version was better. But as always I am having problems with that hand. It feels so awkward and out of scale. I should have left it out.

This is a picture of Andy at Howard's workshop. I need to address more the separation of the beard from the neck.