Monday, February 21, 2011

Head Drawing - Uninstructed

These are the drawings that I made at Israel Martinez's workshop. I still have a lot to work on but atleast I tried to practice.

Head Drawing

Glen came back to teach this week.
This is his rework of my drawing.

This is my drawing.
Glen's Notes:
- Look for the crappy xerox when drawing
- Think about both construction and paint
- Think 3d (sculptural) and 2d (paint and light and dark)
- Figure out what your weakness is and work on it
- Watch your drawing and figure out what's going on
- copy Loomis
- Figure out what it looks like
- Figure out where to put everything
- Fill in your darks, Fill in your lights
- Keep it simple
- When drawing an attractive girl be minimal with the shapes
- Don't punch blacks in the nostrils
Recommended Books
The Figure: An Artist's Approach to Drawing and Construction
An Approach to Figure Painting for the Beginner: Howard K. Forbers

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Geometric Forms

I have been taking Communication Sketching Class at Art Center at Night for a couple of weeks now. We do 10 sheets of homework a week basically working on the cube, sphere, cone and cylinder.
I have been trying my best although last night I found out I am using the wrong side of the marker paper. For some reason with the Bienfang you have to take it out and turn it to the other side. How bizarre.
I am hoping drawing all these geometric forms will help give more structure to my drawings.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Class 5 - Head Drawing

Glen missed the last 2 classes and I missed the two classes before that so I haven't seen him in awhile. Mark has been substituting. I realize I need to work on my style of mark. My mark making is really boring - mainly straights. I have such hard time sharpening my charcoal to the way Glen and a lot of the west coast teachers waant you to. I have got to figure that out. I also am mad at myself that I haven't practice my heads. I am going to go to uninstructed once a week for the rest of head drawing class and practice. I am also promising myself to practice with the Vanderpoel book and the head book by Loomis. I am sick of not progressing and not putting the time in that I need to.

Last Week of Draped Figure

Here are some drawings from Wednesday and Thursday at Karl Gnass's class

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Head Drawing - Saturday

Glen wasn't at class this week. I had missed the last 2 weeks because of working on the MTV job. Surprisingly enough I felt my gestures turned out ok. I worked on copying from Loomis this week.
I wasn't too happy with this long pose. The shadow doesn't seem to be working on her neck and I had a lot of trouble with the features.

Karl Gnass - Wednesday/Thursday

This is a mix of drawings between Wednesday and Thursday night with Karl. My MTV movie was over and I actually was able to be in class the full amount of time.

I struggled a lot with this hat and the collar of this dress.

Getting the shape of this umbrella was something I struggled with.

I enjoyed this pose. Here I used prismacolor pencil. I am trying to use a lot of different media in the class.

Here a added the dog and the brown box a sort of hommage to Mark McDonnell.

The proportions are wrong oon this drawing but I still like it for some reason.

I feel like there is good movement in this drawing and the white and black seem to be working on the brown paper.

This was my favorite pose of the week I think it would make a great painting.