Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last Head Drawing Class

Last Head Drawing. Did it in class even though I was super tired.

Self portrait done it home. They never seem to turn out the way I want.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Head Drawing

I did this on Tuesday night at Nathan's class I was super frustrated and tired. Jay Jay had this crazy hairstyle like a cornucopia.

This is homework for Nathan's Class. The Hands are too small. I am going to rework it. I did this at Howard Marchese's workshop.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Head Drawing - More Heads

Did a couple of self portraits they don't seem to look like me.

Did this at Marchese's uninstructed workshop but I didn't finish. Just got the initial block in.

Did this at Marchese's uninstructed 2 weeks ago. It looks more like a combination of me and the model. I don't know why the model's always start to look like me.

Did this Head in Nathan's Class. It reminds me of my aunt Loreta.

Five Five minute poses is usually my least favorite part of figure drawing but this time I felt like I was drawing o.k. I am not sure what happened.

I did this at Howard Marchese's workshop in the Marina today. It is the same pose as the other woman with the chopsticks in her hair but from a different direction.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Don't Draw in the Light

The next group of drawings I am posting in part of Nathan Fowkes assignment: Don't draw in the Light. This is the exact opposite of last weeks assignment although I found it a lot harder. This is the drawing I did in class working on not drawing in the light and detaling out of the shadows.

I did this drawing of Maude at Howard Marchese's Uninstructed Workshop at his gallery in Marina del Rey. It is a beautiful place to draw full of light and air and on the model breaks you can go out and wath the boats.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Don't Draw in the Shadows - Homework

I drew Trace Devai today up at LAAFA's costumed uninstructed long pose. I hadn't seen Trace in many years. He used to model a lot for Mark Westermoe the month or so I was there studying. Linda Bull was there, as well as, Cyndi Tang. I hadn't seen Cyndi in a long time. The pose was a Michael Jackson inspired Long Pose but you can't tell from my drawing. I like how my work turned out though. I am surprised and elated how these poses without drawing in the shadow make the drawing have more style to them. I really tried to work on the negative shapes and have a Glen Orbik flare with the composition.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rhythms of the Head and Tone

I did this tonal drawing in Nathan's Class using the rhythms of the head mapping technique. Nathan wanted us to make the shadow totally black and not to draw in the shadow.

This is a rhythms of the head drawing I did at Gallery Marchese.


Started Nathan Fowkes' Head Drawing Class. He is teaching the Reilley Method of the Abstraction of the Head. I always heard it called the Rhythms of the Head (lower left hand corner). It is interesting because Glen Orbik stresses the planes of the Head more than the Rhythms of the Head but I think I remember Mark Westermoe starting us with the planes of the head and moving to the Rhythms. There is a youtube lesson I watched of Glen Orbik teaching the rhythms of the Head.
The first night in class we worked on some rhythms.

The second week of class we worked on some more.

I worked on some at the Gallery Marchese uninstructed session on Saturday.

This is a Rhythms of the Head quick self portrait.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Color Theory - Bill Perkins

This is from Bill's class on Monday. I hated my first painting but I like this 2nd one. Bill used Green and Red gells for this set up. It was a set up stress chiaroscuro where the highlights are red orange and the shadows are greens with some plane shifts going to lavendar. I like Bill a lot. I wish I was younger with more energy and time so I could really understand what was going on in that class. I would take it again in a minute.

Color Theory - Bill Perkins

I worked on this painting the whole class time (maybe 2 hours) in Bill's class. I am completely lost on what is going on there. I am always way too tired. Bill added a lot of orange around the eyes which confuses me. I have a lot of trouble seeing the color in the flesh tones. He talked a lot about hard edges and soft edges. I couldn't understand what he meant.

August Watercolor Sketches

I do these little watercolor sketches when I travel in a small watercolor sketchbook with a tiny paint set. I haven't had much training in watercolor but I like color so these are fast and fun to do. These first ones I did around Island Falls when I was on the Sewell House Yoga Retreat.

This last one is done at the Mission La Purisma in Lompoc. I'd like to go back up there and do some oil painting.

Art Show for Manzanar Workshop

Here are pictures of Bernie Vyzga and I with our paintings at the Manzanar exhibit.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Still Lifes

I painted the same still life with three different lighting set ups. Bill wants us to clean them up at home with the photographs we took.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

USC Rose Garden

These are more of my 100 color sketches I am trying to make. They were done at the Rose Garden at USC. I think I am in my 30s now. I have to count.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Long Pose Tiffany

I went to Glen's double Tuesday night class last night at California Art Institute. It's a good class. I would go all the time if I wasn't working. I felt a little lost with the Long Pose. Here is Glen's overlay on my long pose.
Here is my long pose. Not much gesture. Too dark. No rhythm.

Head Drawing

Went to Glen's Class last night at California Art Institute. Here is his overlay of my drawing of Tiffany.
Here is my drawing. Not as good as the ones I have been doing in Mark's Class. Still very wooden. Having problems making expressive marks.

Head Drawing

Did these 2 heads in Mark's class at California Art Institute. I have some notes which I will add later.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bill Perkins - Class 2

This painting is done in Bill Perkins 2nd class with black, white, yellow and red. I will type up my notes later when I am rested.

Boxer Pose at the Drawing Club

Tried to practice some of what I learned in Bill Perkins' class at the Drawing Club during the Sunday lon pose. This is Kwante posed as a boxer.