Monday, January 31, 2011

Head Drawing

This is Glen Orbik's correction of my head drawing.
This is my head drawing.

This is my head drawing from the long pose workshop at the drawing club.

Drawing the Draped Figure - Wednesday

I feel like I've lost a few steps with my drawing. I have been so tired by the time I get to this Draped Figure Class I don't even know what I really have inside of me. But maybe it will change this week when I don't have to work on the MTV movie anymore. Sometimes I wonder why I bother learning how to draw the figure. I feel like maybe I should just do feel good more abstract works.
I know I'm adding more faces which I think is an improvement. I know I have to work on shoes they just confuse the hell out of me.
I like the movement in this drawing although the head seems to small and the right breast is not right.

I think this drawing is somewhat successful.

This is one of my better drawings of the evening. I need to work on the feet/shoes and I also wish the coat lying over her leg and more weight to it.

This one I'm basically happy with although the bottom of the left leg is off. The front should be a straight to play against the curve of the calf.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Draped Figure - Class 4

On Wednesday I got to class an hour and a half late and I missed the lesson about the suit. I never felt comfortable drawing. I also missed Thursday because of the SDSA meeting. I'm not getting to this draped figure class as much as I thought I would. I never thought I would be working right now that's why I signed up for it. I did hear Karl say "give up some characteristics of the folds for the sense of character . . . the garment should speak clearly and be part of the story."

Draped Figure - Class 3

I liked how the drawings came out last Thursday night. I missed Wednesday because I had to work. It's so hard to balance art and work. I'm on a MTV movie and I have to be on set a lot.
I was imaging the model as the eagle woman character in the Hymn of the Pearl.

I spilled my ink here but I still like the drawing.
This one a imagined the model as coming home from a really bad date. I used Mark McDonald's vignette trick.

I was thinking here how Mark always said but the ground plane in. These are all 8 minute poses.

Draped Figure - Class 1

These are the drawings I like from the first draped figure class. I am having a hard time getting things up on the blog in a timely fashion.
I realize I really still have no ideas how to make believable shoes. I think I've gotten better at hats.
I have forgotten a lot about legs and knees - I need to go back to my notes from Kevin's class.

Sometimes I'm losing my proportions.