Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Watercolor Trees with Mary Beth at Kenneth Hahn

One Saturday in April.  I am not sure when - Mary Beth and I went painting up at Kenneth Hahn.  We didn't stay there long it was pretty cold.  But I had a good time hanging with her and doing a few little paintings.

Page 22b - Hymn of the Pearl

Here is a lot of what it takes for me to do my graphic Novel.  Here is some work on page 22b.

On the left are my word balloons on the left our my teacher Andy Fish's corrections.

Here is a refined pencil page

Here is an ink page using line.

Here is an ink page using more shadow.

Here are my initial thumbnail pencils on the right with Andy Fish's suggestions on the left.

Meltdown Comics - Drawing with Linda

Linda and I have been drawing at Meltdown Comics on Monday nights.  It is the best night for me to draw because I am not so tired as later on in the week. Linda always reminds me it is like practicing my freethrows that I need to keep practcing.

My first week at meltdown.  The model wore this hat with fake horns.

2nd week at meltdown.  The model had a kind of Sarah Connor look.

3rd week at meltdown.  The model wore branches on her hair and a beautiful red dress.

4th week at Meltdown.  The model had a flower in her hair and long hair wig.

5th week at Meltdown.  The model had a stripper cop outfit that she could keep striping away pieces of her garment.