Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Classes since August 2008

Since August 2008 I've been taking a lot of drawing classes around LA. I want to list them.

Glenn Vilppu (Saturday and Sunday Classes)

1. Sketching Outdoors
2. Rendering
3. Clothed Quick Sketch

Charles Hu (at Gnomon)

4. Anatomical Figure Drawing

Ed Li (Concept Design Academy)

5. Sketching Outdoors

Steve Brown (Animation Union)

6. Perspective
7. Sketching Outdoors

Steve ? (at Otis Evening College)

8. Charaacter Design

Chris Werner (at Otis Evening College)

9. Figure Drawing

Marshall Vandruff

10. Three Day Animal Drawing - Workshop
11. Drapery Workshop
12. Artistic Temperments Workshop
13. Draftsmanship Workshop

14. Concept Design Academy - Stephan Martiniere - Fantasy Drawing/Design Workshp

15. Will Weston - Drawing and Composition (at the Animation Union)

16. Brenda Swan - 2 day watercolor workshop (at VIVA)

17. Tony Couch - 5 day watercolor workshop (through the Valley Watercolor Society)

Holy Shit!!!!!!!! I think that's a lot of classes, time and money. I don't think I really show all that training yet in my work but maybe someday,

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