Monday, July 13, 2009

Organic Perspective

In my Sketching Environments class on Saturday Ed Li started talking about Organic Perspective. I don't think I really heard of that before. He showed us boards from "Spirit" where there was a grid placed on hills and canyons to help with the perspective and three dimensionality.

The strategy he talked about to draw Organics was

1. Sketch out your subject in line
2. Place imaginary grid
3. Foliage acts as shapes and patterns
4. You need to edit out info. Make sure to anchor the architecture even if you don't see the bottom.
5. You need a sense of foreground, middleground, and background.
6. Use the marker to simplify or group.

This is a sketch I need to finish of the Japanese Tea House at Huntington. I may try to finish it. I think my trees are more pattern than 3 dimensional. I need to work on that more.

This is a sketch of a pavilion in the Chinese garden. I tried to save it with the marker but I think I'm getting a little gimmicky with the black foreground trick I learned from Will Weston.
My rock edges were first too jagged and it was reading like a weird shaped bush. Ed had me straighten my lines to contrast the rocks to the bushes and trees.

This is the first thumbnail I did before Ed showed up. It's mainly about architecture. It was hard for me to convey that the doors of the tea house where they have slid open and you could see right through.

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