Thursday, March 3, 2011

Head Drawing - "Your job is to satisfy the illusion of touch"

This is my Saturday Night Head Drawing. I am frustrated because I can't find the time to practice. My Communication Sketch class seems to take all my time.

This is Glen's correction on my drawing.

Glenn's Lecture:
- look for places to check your math
- hone the design and hone the design and then it's done
- there is the half one going to the dark and the half tone going to the light
- think about light gray and dark gray
- Fill in darks so light puzzles are the star
- Get the big poster established to see what's working and give attention
- Look for rhythms and parrallels to help you design it
- Get your tone under control so you can see where you want to spend your time
- Get your paint (the charcoal) under control
- Watch out for getting to black
- If you are not sure about an area - knock it down
- Look for the crappy xerox
- Think about construction and paint
- Think 1) Sculptural 2) Paint - 2D/Light Dark
- Figure out your weaknesses and work on them
- Watch your drawing and figure out what's going on
- Copy Loomis
- Figure out what it looks like
- 1st figure out where to put everything
- Do a great underpainting by filling in your light and darks and keep it simple
- Don't punch black in nostrils
Recommended Books
- The Figure: An Artist's approach to Drawing and Construction
- An Approach to Figure painting for the Beginner (Howard K. Fosters)
Harold Speed said - "Your job is to satisfy the illusion of touch"

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