Monday, March 7, 2011

Head Drawing - "You are all trying to get better but what does better mean?"

This is my week's head drawing. Glen says I need to work on making the eyes 3d.

Here's Glen's overlay.
Glen's Lecture:
Leyendecker used models but he made his paintings from his sketches. It took him a decade of drawing and painting to come up with the style he is known for. Rockwell was trying to be Leyendecker. Glenn thinks you need a hero that you can practice from so you can get the pieces under control.
Remember spacing and placing.
Squint and Edit the shape
Try Spacing and Placing as if you were sculpting.
Adjusting to make sculpture clear.
Don't overdescribe things in the shadows.
Get the pieces under control.
If it is too messy or confusing fix it.
You should be able to fix it. You are not trying to get this drawing right you are trying to get your abilities right.
If the dark shapes are hard to figure out go into the light shapes.
Try to make nice brushwork, boxwork and tiles.
Get a god underpainting and then try to make each area a gem.
Mileage lets us get ther in three stokes instead of 5. Squeeze a little more sculpture out of each shape. If you are not really sure of an area really squint at it.
Re-establish the poster.
What does a camera see vs. what we know is there.
Incidental shapes have to be second.
Try to do enough construction so you can work on design.
What does eye, nose, mouth look loke and how ti make it cool and idealized.
Lean on sculpture in the student phases.
Goal is the craft of your draftsmanshhip/
Try to manipulate the light and dark.
It's o.k. to draw from photographs. Fred Fixler was always pushing Bernin. How to contrl the shapes so we don't mak a mess. Sargeant is about how the paint looks.
The trick is you are all trying to get better but what does better mean

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