Sunday, November 24, 2013

Notes from Lorin Roche's Lecture - Yoga and the Healing Sciences

Lorin Roche came to LMU last weekend to teach Meditation. Here are my notes:

Om is similar to Amen.  It means yes, verily, so be it.  It is the primordial yes, always now.

Om is always personal.

Om is called the pranava.  Prana is the same prana in pranayama. Nava means new or boat.

Om is the original shout of joy.  It is the vibration of joy.

Om is what I am saying yes to.


Indriyas are the companions of Indra.  Indra is always drinking Soma.  These indriyas/sense are the entourage of the divine.


VAK (speech)

-          Verbal

-          Sub-vocal

-          Image-light- feeling

-          Silence

Negative voices when you meditate are trying to be helpful.  He said even the Dalai Lama has thoughts when he is Chinese.... people have lost their homes.....Om...Om....those goddamned Chinese.

When you get a to do list when you meditate welcome every thought

Aham – primordial

Mediatation should feel sensual

The purpose of a mantra is to lose it

You are letting the brain reboot

Let go of the muscle tension.  When the fears and tension are coming up they are coming up to be healed.


Body can review itself when meditating.  There are serges of adrenaline.  Meditation is a place to be safe where worries can come out.  Give senses a time to wake.

Stress can be fun,  We need a chance to repair and pick our stressors.

People coming to yoga are high performance animals. Areas that come to the surface need help.  Yoga teachers are the future of meditation.

Meditation is internal adjustment. Give yourself skillful giving tiny adjustments.

Sometimes the more we settle into the Om the more we feel  the ouch.  Give yourself skillful attention wherever you are hurting.

Don’t make people feel wrong when they are meditating.  Meditating is harder than yoga in the way that you can’t imitate when you meditate.  People have to be taught in unique ways.

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