Saturday, November 2, 2013


 I did not know of Saraswati by name until couple of months ago when I was sent a card from an art teacher  I studied with in Kerala depicting  Saraswati.  I felt the card was simply chosen for me because she is the goddess art and I am an artist.   Through this week’s lecture with Laura Amazzone, I realize my connection to Saraswatu is greater than I thought.  I have the desire to meditate and chant as symbolized by her mala, as well as, the desire to heal my body and my mind. I also embody some other characteristics of Saraswati, I am very verbal person who has great facility with language and the spoken word, including unfortunately, a sharp tongue, like Saraswati’s sword the can cut people.  I am also person who does not want conflict but prefers to be in a creative space. 

I did not know  Saraswati was the river.  I am fascinated by water goddesses partially because I am named for one, but my connection feels much deeper than a name. The last few months I have been out creative flow, splitting my time between the yoga and the healing sciences teacher training I am taking at LMU and my work as a decorator in TV.  I haven’t had time for my personal art.  But with only one month left in my teacher training, I am longing to flow with Saraswati again in my drawings.  I will begin with the mantra AIM and open up to her and ask for guidance. I do now consider myself a daughter of Saraswati and I am going spend more time getting to know my mother.

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