Friday, April 24, 2015

New Moon Goddess - Earth Day Mandala

At the Yogi Tree Center for Growth on Saturday night we practiced Yoga and then chanted these words at New Moon Goddess Women's Circle in Celebrating of Earth Day.


pthiv (earth)  mahi  (great)

medin (soil)   bhūmi (land)

vasudhā (ground)

Oṃ  pthiv mahi medin bhūmi vasudhā

These mandalas were made in response to the following questions:

1) Ask yourself, where in my daily life am I not living up to my environmental values? What can I do in my daily life that I am not doing that will lessen my environmental impact?

2) Think about your food choices. We can make a choice to align (or fall short)  with our environmental values every time we go to the grocery store, every time we sit down to the table at home or a restaurant. I am not just talking about local organic food, I am also speaking about the type of food – (organic and non-organic) meat and dairy.

3) Also think about your use of water. Use of water can include food choices (some foods take an incredible amount of water to produce), maintaining a leak free environment, shower length, cleaning choices, gardening and lawn choices, etc.

4) Reflect on reducing your dependency on fossil fuels. Buying a hybrid car or choosing to walk or take public transportation are great steps to take to reducing greenhouse gasses.

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